Thinking up close

The assumption has been . . .

    to look closer . . .

so we take another look,
seeing (and not seeing)

p i x e l s

—a new metaphor
for our times—

and we consider


how best







Visual collision


We were all moving along at about 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) when I snapped this shot. 

I was not driving!  That is, I was only “driving” my camera from the back seat of a car in the next lane.

Were we in bumper-to-bumper traffic?

These two cars were not as close as they appear—my telephoto lens provided the visual illusion of near collision—an interpretation of the prompt half and half.


An illusory between

An illusory walkway  between.

A partial view, cropped by the photographer, can evoke an altered response,
an illusory sense,
a walk between two structures: seeing and knowing,

a sense of truth, forgetting what’s outside the margins,
a sense of  “I saw, therefore it is  (as I saw)”
a sense there’s no need to look again
or think.


Note: also posted at “See Diving”


Visible Lines of Connectivity

Connectivity? That word brings to mind invisible lines—wireless technologies using electromagnetic telecommunications like radio, giving us cellular phones and wireless networking. Yet, go to a high-tech hub like San Francisco and be reminded of other crisscrossing lines and patterns of infrastructure.

Noticing lines we ordinarily screen from conscious view.