Responses – a collaboration


In case you missed seeing the complete sequence, here it is—a panel of responses in this two-artist collaboration of photographs bound together by visual elements. 

Click on the first photo to run the slide show and see how the sequence unfolded.


Note: this was the first experiment in a series introduced here. Other versions include a word element and appear at marsowords with the tag Responsorial.

Photo credit: click on photos to read the photographer’s initials: MC or MS.


“Responses” – Sequence 1 – complete

Thanks for following “Responses”,  a two-artist experiment.
You can  now view the full sequence of image responses that were posted set-by-set for 10 days.
Simply click here or above on the menu item “Projects”: “Responses”.

ms | photograph of tar patch over cracks in asphalt road

final image of a 15-image sequence

I have several “favorites”, especially 1:13. What are your favorites?