Mystery of the Traffic Light: Red, Yellow and . . .

. . . orange.

Just when we think we know what to expect . . . 

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something surprises us.  

What color is this dress light???

I’m not the only one looking anew  at the color orange.

Inside and outside the lines

Crop a photo and you show only part of  the  story; context is not in the frame. 

What part of the story is left out of this shot?

I was a passenger in one car, trying to snap a photo while an imposingly huge transport truck came rumbling up behind.   After we turned the corner I watched the truck driver wait as protectively as a mama and papa goose for everyone to make it safely across.

Parent geese teaching goslings how to cross the street safely? 



Sky lines at play

A white line catches the last rays of light while its source, a jet, remains out of sight.

. . . .

I took these photos from the back window of a moving car.

Posted in response to “Let There Be Light”.