Sky lines at play

A white line catches the last rays of light while its source, a jet, remains out of sight.

. . . .

I took these photos from the back window of a moving car.

Posted in response to “Let There Be Light”.   



Red lampshade paints the walls

Turning on a lamp does more than give light.

. . .
Photos taken in response to “Let There Be Light”.

Natural colors



Taking photographs can transform even the ordinary into a great new world of the unexpected.  I was surprised at how my drinking glass could become such an intriguing, variable subject.  Here it is at two different meals.  There’s no trick photography or software involved. Each photo is a natural interplay of transparency and surrounding color. 


Layers of luggage

“You’re checking how many bags?”
Layers and layers of luggage. Response to the weekly photo prompt: layers.

Permanent art installation titled “Samson” by Brian Goggin, at baggage claim area, Terminal A, Sacramento International Airport.